Upcoming Entry Level Referee Course for those interested in becoming certified youth soccer referees.

Field Clinics

The current (new) class format is an online course which will teach the Laws of the Game and general referee procedures.  This online course and the associated test must be completed and passed before attending a local field clinic.  Adults will also have to pass a background check.  

Refresher Training for current referees:


It is reasonable for players, coaches and spectators to expect the referees to be knowledgeable on the Laws of the Game.  So it is important for us all to receive ongoing training to make sure that we can make fewer mistakes on the field. This training will be aimed at newer referees (1 to 4 seasons experience).  There is no charge for this class.  Once I get a rough count of how many attendees we will have I will select a venue.   

We will review 

  • Law 8: Start and Restart of Play (dropped ball)
  • Law 11: Offside 
  • Law 12: Fouls and Misconduct.

IMPORTANT:  If you would like to attend this class please use this link to register.  This will give me an idea of how many will be there. Referee Refresher Clinic